Major Objective - a productive robust good temperament commercial herd

The Waione herd of AngusX cattle was founded in 1949 by the purchase of stud heifers from Mangatoro (M  Grant) and Kowhiwhi (LAP Sherriff), to which were added MA cows from the Kellick Est Displenishment in the early 1950's.
Later, heifers from Kaharau (CS Williams) were purchased.
Over the years sires used have originated from Glendale, Matauri, Ranui, and Totaranui, but the most influential have been a group of sires carrying Cricklewood, Turihaua, and Kaharau bloodlines, and more recently American genetics from Waitapu (M&L Williamson).
In the 1980's a brief experiment with Friesian was tried but regarded as unsatisfactory. Young male finishing stock could not match the purebred Angus during drought adversity, CFA females did not finish for market satisfactorily, and a legacy of over-milking and gross shaped udders, endured for some years.
In the early 2000's an Ardo Hereford bull was used (J Morrison) for some good effect, but unfortunately lost prematurely as a result of the 2004 Flood. A white-head influence does however, continue.
Apart from the outside bulls, sires have been basically retained from within the herd, with successful breeding of the dam at 2yo and consistent good subsequent calf production, and top conformation and growth rates, as the selection criteria. Bull usage is rotated quickly, rarely kept beyond 3 matings to minimise inbreeding.
Male stock is turned off commencing at 12 mths age with around 500kg live as the target, and surplus heifers are sent to store market at 15 mths. MA cows failing to conceive are sold.

Calving Sep 2009