Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ready for Calving

Well........ we made it
Due calving date just round the corner, and the cows onto saved pasture yesterday.
They've come off the wintering block in good order, actually put good amount of condition on, and have only fed balage last couple of weeks.
Major cost has been one old duck broke the tractor door as she brushed past when the mob thought it might have been a shift day rather than the start of silage feeding. The door literally exploded in a shower of glass, I know who the culprit is, #605, she's still got a layer of glass chips stuck to the poron patch. $1800 for a replacement door. After drumming into Rob, keep the effing door shut, this one happens under the Boss's watch.....
Had an early morning tractor drive into town this morning, 18km, had Central Glass fit the new door for me, all done in 20 odd mins, lot warmer drive on the way home.
Closed 1st June, the calving block's sitting at about 5-6000 kg dm/ha, with a prior dusting of causmag applied day before.
Nothing elaborate about the management, 2 mobs of 30 cows on 12 acres each, fed off in 3 acre breaks will get through to end Oct, urea applied as they move off the earlier breaks if needed.
Hard to believe things are normalising, after all the disruption since the flood.
Sleeping much better at nights.....